Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Free Tuesday

It's a lazy Tuesday morning, and I've blagged myself out of a day of work. Scott is off work until tomorrow, and I hated the idea of missing a special day off with him. So I rearranged my shift to Sunday afternoon (leaving me time to make it to the Rememberance service) and voila! today I am free.

Scott and I are spending the day in true Lori fashion. We're heading up to Glasgow to visit Braehead, IKEA, and John Lewis, in search of clothes, tea cups, and a fondue set. After shopping, we're thinking of catching a movie at UGC (mind you, the biggest cinema in the world, it's like a million stories tall.) I'd quite like to see the Merchant of Venice, being the Shakespeare fan that I am.

Speaking of Shakespeare, [insert seeming pretentiousness] I'm desperate to get my books back. I've been without my books for, what, three months now? I bought a book in a charity shop so I've got something to read but it's not the same as going through a huge collection and selecting the perfect book out of them all. If it were up to me, I'd be reading Nathaniel Hawthorne's Short Stories.[/pretentiousness]

I had a dream last night that I was a freaking amazing painter and that before I became a Christian I had painted a picture of a Bible story (which now that I'm awake, I realize is not a Bible story) about some people who drowned. In the painting the people remained dead because I didn't believe God had saved them. But after I had become a Christian, I painted over it and made the people alive. The painting was amazing except for the fact that the alive people I had painted looked like Scott and Pete.

I also dreamed my dad totally rocked and told off the people at his old church for being self-righteous and condescending. The people at his old church aren't actually self-righteous and condescending, but in the dream they were, and my dad rocked.

I'm gonna go gather my husband away from his XBOX LIVE and make him take me shopping.


It's midnight.

Today was a mega-stressful nightmare ;). "January" sales shoppers everywhere. We didn't go to Glasgow, it was too busy. We didn't go to the cinema, we'd forgotten about the fact that Lori was going to a workmate's birthday party and I was off to a men's fellowship/eat a meal in a pub type thing. It was nice, apart from beer was off the menu due to people in rehab being there.

But I'm pretty sure Lori had fun. Which is the important thing in the end.

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