Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Happened

Our first Christmas was delightful. Snow, presents, a warm hubby, a coal fire... Sigh. It was perfect.

Scott and I woke up around nine or half nine and lazed about for a bit before rushing downstairs to open our presents. We both totally scored. I got stuffed toys, two floor lamps, Scrabble, and some decorative trinkets. Scott got a two-tiered keyboard stand, a tie, a CD, and lots of other wee things. (We had a price limit for Christmas.) Then we walked into the kitchen and saw that it was snowing! (Which has been mentioned already, I know.) I then began cooking a stuffing--the smell of chopped onions is amazing, by the way--for Christmas lunch, and once that was finished, we headed through the snow to the in-laws. There we opened more presents such as a coat, a map, and whiskey for Scott and a skirt, a statue and art supplies for Lori. We then ate dinner and subsequently spent the entire rest of Christmas watching Friends episodes back to back on E4. Scott and I came home, put in It's a Wonderful Life and around 2am found ourselves asleep on the couch.

Perfect, perfect day.

Hogmanay is next. See a couple of you then!

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