Monday, October 18, 2004

Rainy Days and Mondays (written 2 days ago but never published??)

...this time, they haven't gotten me down.

Yes, it is a Rainy Day and a Monday. But I'm quite pleased with myself; I started my new job today, and I was fantastic. Yes, I do say so myself. See, I worked in a bakery/deli my sophomore year of college so this stuff isn't terribly new to me. Working in an actual coffee shop is a bit different, but I'm well familiar with how to make a cappucino (though I may not know if I'm spelling it right) or hand over a pastry. And I like to clean so the dishes and the table bussing isn't a problem. And the best part - no tax to figure in to the prices so everything is a nice round figure with no pennies or 5p coins to bother with. It's great! At any rate, I didn't tell anyone that I've worked in a bakery before so they all just think I'm really clever and that I'm catching on fast. In actuality, it's just really easy.

I like it.

The people I work with are all pretty nice, too. I kinda hope I become at least sort of friends with them. Stephanie, who is still in high school, is very nice and friendly, and Jean, who is the owner's mother, is also incredibly cool, but perhaps a little old for me. Gordon, the manager who got me the job, is really patient (so far) and is just as nice as always (perhaps a little more now that he has a reason to speak to me.) So, you know, the new job is magnifique or something close to that.

Scott and I had a really great weekend. We dated. Having never lived on the same continent, we've never dated. We've never ordered a pizza and rented a movie. We've never stayed out all night on the town. This weekend we went on one of our first dates. (I'm excluding the honeymoon because that doesn't really count as dating even though we went out a few times.) Friday night when he got off work, we got dressed and went to a late dinner at Pizza Hut (he had chicken wings, since he hates cheese) and then saw Saw at the midnight showing. I'd seen it before, but he hadn't. I thought it was great and scary and creepy and all; his response at the end was "Well, that was pish." Men. Boring men. Go see it for yourself and tell me what you think.

Saturday night we rented Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Good-bye Lenin and laid on the couches and ate snacks til late at night. We watched one movie Saturday night and the other Sunday night. It was a right good weekend.


I've noticed my blog has become a "What's-up-with-the-McFarlanes" blog instead of a "What-do-the-McFarlanes-think-about" blog. Sorry. I don't think much now, I mostly just feel and experience. I'll start thinking again after all that stuff is sorted.


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