Thursday, October 21, 2004

Drivin' on the Highway of Love

I took my first driving lesson today.

I didn't die. Nor did I kill anyone else. Though I nearly side-swiped a parked car. But Instructor (Instructour?) Frank grabbed the wheel, and we survived.

See, if Scotland were as great as America, people would actually park in parking places instead of the road. How is one supposed to drive when a car is parked in one's lane and a bus is coming at one in the other lane?

If America were as great as Scotland, I'd know how to drive already.

In all, I did a good job. I switched gears like a champ. I only stalled the engine once, and it's because (in Frank's words) I'm trying to drive like an experienced driver. But I have to learn to stop driving like an experienced driver and start from scratch. I'm suddenly 16 again, and my mom has parked the car on the side of the road and has forced me into the driver's side, me resisting with all my might. Only this time, instead of inching along, slamming on the breaks when I see a car within the next 500 yards, I'm speeding, and Frank is telling me that more than 6 Penalty Points within the first two years of passing my test will result in a revoked license. It's hard to turn back. I'm a speedster by nature.

* * *

I love my husband. See, I came home from work a few days ago to a clean house. My darling had tidied the living room and washed the dishes. Last night I didn't get home until late so I didn't get the dishes put away. Today after work, I came in, rolled up my sleeves and started to put the dishes away so I could wash the new load. I noticed there was food still on a plate. Oh well, I thought, I'll just rewash it. I picked up the next plate to find the same thing. I picked up the pan and saw dried green pea juice stuck to the side. I chuckled. I pulled all the silverware out and dropped it back in the sink without even inspecting. I saw dingy, smudgey light come through all the glasses so I simply pulled everything off the drying rack and put it back in the sink. I just smiled to myself, pleasantly amused. I was not annoyed at all. It was the thought that counted to me, and rewashing the dishes didn't bother me at all. The fact that Scott wanted to serve me by cleaning the house was the whole point. He is such an incredible man. It's worth doing the dishes again to know that I am loved and respected by such a guy. I'll casually mention to Scott tonight to kinda watch that in the future, but the whole thing was cute, and it made me say out loud to myself, "I love my husband."

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