Thursday, May 07, 2015


Driving past my favorite church sign yesterday, I was impressed by the depth of the message (if anything church sign-y can have depth).

"Thank God for others."

I like it! It was like saying God is not selfish or jealous of our human relationships, but that he recognizes our innate need for companionship, and the way we need one another to help, to guide, to encourage, to teach, to inspire. We need others in our lives to lighten the load of life, to make us laugh, to be there when we cry, to support us in hard times, and to celebrate the joys. Thank God for others indeed!

Then I drove past it and in the rear view mirror saw the other side.

Oh. They just lost an M. (And inserted a Spanish exclamation point.) Oh well. Thank God for mothers too. Happy Mother's Day.

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