Monday, November 04, 2013


I'm in a funk. A blog funk.

I just feel completely uninspired to write anything of interest. My life has slowed down a lot, leaving me with little to talk about. I have one topic on my mind that I am longing to write about, but I know once I open that floodgate, I'll never be able to close it again. I'm not ready yet to explore that topic in words yet. (Teaser!)

So it leaves me with little else to write about. I still think about Scotland daily, but I can only write about how much I miss it so much before I start to bore my readers.

It's November, and I'm not doing an official NaBloPoMo, but I could use a theme. So I've got one. But I need your help.

Those of you who read regularly (and there appear to be roughly 77-102 of you, based on my stats report), leave me a comment with one word or topic. It can be as ridiculous and outlandish, or as serious and mundane, as you like. I will then take those words and topics and dedicate a post a day on them during the month of November. Help me spark my creativity, develop some content. Give me a challenge.

I know most of you read my blog via Facebook, so it's okay to leave your comments there, though I'll always prefer comments on the blog itself, for posterity! I promise I won't skip any subject you name. I will find something (good or bad) to say or discuss
regarding it.

Inspire me. Aaaaand... GO!


Leave your comments here.