Thursday, November 07, 2013

Hmm, 'Thanksgiving Thursdays' Has A Nice Ring To It.

My cheesy November meme. Rather than the whole 30 Days of Thanksgiving, I'll just cut it down to the Thursdays. Because Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, and because alliteration.

So for my first Thanksgiving Thursday, I'm going to try to put a positive spin on missing Scotland. Right now, back home, my am-dram (amateur dramatics) friends have just closed the curtains on their first performance of Singing in the Rain. It is making me miss rainy, cold, wet Greenock so much. So today I'm going to cheer myself up by being thankful for the things I DON'T miss about Greenock!

1. I don't miss the constant awful weather. I love rainy days, but come on. A little sunshine now and again is nice!

2. I don't miss the crime. It's nice seeing the newspapers telling ordinary, unexciting news, instead of 'OAP Gets Fatally Stabbed For Watching Coronation Street On His TV Too Loud... Every Day'.

3. I don't miss the drugs. It's awesome to feel safe at night on my own. I don't have to prepare myself for dealing with possible junkies approaching me as I unlock my car, asking for money, and quite possibly ready to chib me if I say no.

4. I don't miss the expensive price of living. America's isn't great, but it's at least a little better.

5. I don't miss the petrol prices. I can fill my massive tank of a minivan on $65-70 every two weeks. That's, like, £40. My Zafira was taking £75 a week! (Though, oddly, I drove more in Scotland than I do in Arkansas, which seems totally backwards.)

There. I am trying to be positive. I made it to 5. It was actually very hard to come up with even five things I don't miss about Scotland. But I'm being positive. I'm getting used to, and kind of like, the easy-going, slow-paced, 'meh' lifestyle of rural Arkansas. For now anyway. Thankfulness and stuff!

*This post's inspiration brought to you by Kirsten McCluskey.

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