Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today, I...

Took my youngest two children to the local library for Storybook Time. We checked out some books and DVDs, so tonight I'm finally going to get to watch Pride and Prejudice and read Crime and Punishment.

Walked to school with three other neighbourhood mummies and kids. Afterwards, we walked an additional mile and a half, totalling two-and-a-half miles walked this morning with other adults (and kids in prams).

Got new tires put on my car. One needed replaced but finding the right tire was difficult. My step-dad ended up locating the right tires, nearly completely new (only 100 miles on them), and got all four of them for $100. The garage bought my old tires off of me and fit my new tires. Instead of paying him, I got money back.

Used my new Swiffer Wet Jet Mop for the first time. I spent about ten minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn't spray until I realized (thanks to Yahoo Answers) that it needs batteries. Luckily I had batteries in my camera that fit.

Mailed a parcel to Scotland for Lolly's best friend's birthday. It did not cost me a fortune, thank goodness.

Received Scott's new computer parts in the mail. He is excited about building his new computer tonight, and I'm excited about getting my laptop back.

And finally...

Spoke to Fifi's Principal today about her grade placement. She has organized for Fifi to get her assessment today, and we will meet tomorrow about what to do. I am hoping there will be no issues, and they will offer me a quick solution... like skipping her a grade. She is bored stiff practising how to write her letters and numbers, and studying reading words like 'mat, cat, hat, can, van, man'. Every day after school she asks me, 'Have you written a letter to my teacher yet about my education?'


  1. I hope Fiona gets a more interesting situation. This is what I wrote about my Swiffer Wet Jet right after I bought it:

    I did come to love it though. Although, during the move I misplaced the box of cleaning pads again.

  2. Haha, yeah, agree with all you wrote. I hate things with batteries too, and I hate things that need their own expensive products. But like you, I'm not great at housekeeping and I hate mopping, so Mom got me one, and I do really like it. No mop bucket full of dirty water to deal with, which is a major bonus.


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