Friday, February 24, 2012

And the Foetus is....

Ohhh, I started out so well in January with the regular blogging...


So, I guess the only thing to write about (even though I don't want to write, I want to go to bed with my new body pillow - awesome - and my Hypnobirthing CD - relaxing - and maybe even a hot water bottle - to really luxuriate it up - to kill this major headache coming on) is this little half-baked human person inside my uterus.

He is actually half-baked. 20 weeks + 6 days meaning just slightly less than 20 weeks until my due date.

And yes, the little human person inside my uterus IS a -DRUM ROLL PLEASE - 'he'. Yippee!!

Scott is over the moon. He is just so happy. So am I. I really, really wanted a wee boy, a son. But I'm also really, really terrified.

What the heck am I going to do with a boy?!

I mean, girls are so easy. Girls go to dance lessons and like getting their nails and hair done. They can wear the same dress for years, first as a full length, then to knee-length, then it becomes a shirt. They also don't pee in the air when you change their nappies. But what on earth do you do with a boy? Kick a football? Play with sticks?

But that's where Scott comes in. He'll be great. He is so excited about having a male companion around all these McFarlane women. The two of them will be thick as thieves, I'm guessing. Which also leaves me guessing that it won't be football actually that our little mister will be into but computer games...

I suppose there are worse things in life. Like drugs and prison.

I jest. If our son turns out to be a geek, more power to him. Geeks are the new jocks. I mean, when was the last time you watched a film where the jock was the hero? More often these days, it's the geek who wins, not because of the out-played concept of the underdog, but because the geek always proves he is way more awesome because he is smarter than the protagonist. Geeks rule. Geeks are the money-makers. Geeks wear cardigans.

I think I'd be quite happy with a geek actually.

Anyway, before I start planning his personality for him, I think I better just focus on growing him. Which means destressing, losing this headache, and going to bed with my pillow and my hypnotherapy.


Oh, and the name? Don't ask, it's a secret!


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Yeh for boys! Congratulations thats so exciting. Cant wait to meet him. Janetx

  2. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Mmm what new girlie chant can we have, now it's not fair to do the "boys drool, girls rule". Adam's too wee to notice now but he's smarter than the average babe and the male presence is on the up. GWANNY


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