Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Busy To Blog

No time for frivolous internet idleness. (Don't look at my Facebook, because you might think I DO have time for frivolous internet idleness.)

But no really, between rehearsals, work, completing my childminding application (more on that later) and keeping the house clean - oh yeah, and those kids, they take up a bit of time - I really haven't had much time to just relax.

But now, with the house clean (don't look too closely at my kitchen though) and about six loads of laundry FINALLY folded and sorted, I am going to go do something I haven't done properly since Monday...

I'm taking a shower.

No, to hell with it, I'm taking a BATH. And you know what I'm gonna do? Do you want to know?! I'M GONNA SHAVE MY LEGS. Yeah, take THAT, over-crowded schedule!


P.S. Things to add to the above time-killers that I need/want to fit in: tennis, sewing, and Gaelic lessons.

P.P.S. What the heck is happening with time? Did someone speed up the life-clock? It's near the end of January. Huh?

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