Saturday, January 01, 2011

I must be on some kind of New Year 'Spring' Cleaning sort of thing. I've been organising and cleaning like crazy. (No, I'm not pregnant.) I think a trip to IKEA is in order. No, scratch that. I KNOW it is in order. And Scott is going to take me tomorrow morning. I can't exactly afford what it is that I want, but I'm getting it anyway. Surely the joy of an immaculate kids' room is worth a little nail-biting until pay day? And besides, if I don't buy it now, the sale will end and I'll have to pay full price for it, so why wait?

I've also been motivated to organise because Thursday evening, Fifi and Lolly's Christmas present from Musha arrived - their new doll house. So today, since they are are Granny and Grampa's house, I built it (with only a tiny bit of help from Scott when I stripped a screw trying to force it in). Then I needed a place to put it where it would be safe but accessible. So I rearranged some stuff in the kids' room, rearranged some stuff in the study and then rearranged some stuff in the living room to make it all work. Now their lovely new doll house is set up in the living room (where I can watch they don't destroy it), and it makes me ever so happy. I purposely ordered (well, it was 'from' Musha meant he sent me the money for it and then I ordered it from here) one that was unpainted and unfinished so I could do the decorating myself... with maybe a BIT of input from the kids. I'm going to paint it, wallpaper the inside and maybe even carpet/tile. I can't wait! Project!!

(I always wanted a doll house. Scott thinks I'll enjoy it more than them.)

(It even has a little toilet!)

So now, it's time to go to Andy and Marion's for our traditional New Year's Day steak pie dinner. Mmmm. Last night we had a Hogmanay party at our house, but so many people cancelled because of illness that it ended up being only Scott and me, Sarah and Ian, and Matt and Cheryl. But saying that, it was a great time and I really enjoyed the whole night. We drank mulled wine, wound Scott up by discussing our conspiracy theories (I think he nearly exploded at one point), and generally had a great laugh. Cheryl and I *almost* put in the Dance on Broadway for the Wii until we realised that at that very moment, we were three minutes away from midnight, so we ended up celebrating instead. I'll need to just Dance on Broadway by myself (unless any of you are takers and want to come over??)

So anyway, today is the start of all my various resolutions. I'll see how well I do with the 'healthy eating'/'common sense' diet thing. Considering I ate homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I'm not off to a good start. But that's the beauty of this diet. It's just a GENERAL eat more healthily diet. No rules, just common sense.

Happy new year!

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