Thursday, September 09, 2010

Everybody cut FOOTLOOSE!

Tonight is Opening Night of Footloose! I can't believe it! I'm feeling very excited about it, but also a little sad. If the show is tonight, then by Saturday night, the show will be done for good, and that's a bit sad. I've enjoyed meeting all the people in the show and seeing them regularly and making some friends. I'll feel a bit deflated when it's all over.

I'll feel a lot less stressed too but deflated all the same.

It's been a really fun experience for me. I thought after high school I'd never return to acting. As a stroppy teenager, I let too many things upset me and turn me off from the theatre world. But now, as a wiser (heh) older person, I realise that some of those things (the politics, the falseness of some, the arrogance of others) are just part of life in general and are not unique to the stage. As long as you keep yourself right and in amongst the right people (and at least play the game when you're with the wrong ones), as I've learned to do in all areas of my life, all this theatre stuff can really be a huge blast.

So, negativity aside (geez), I am SO EXCITED about the show tonight. It's typical that on Opening Night I'd wake up with a sore throat and the sneezes. But I'm drinking hot herbal tea with Manuka honey around the clock and intend to feel perfectly fine by tonight. I had some hot soup there too and that seemed to soothe my throat quite a bit.

Tonight is the night that Scott, my dad and Fifi come see the show. Fifi is ridiculously excited. She woke up this morning saying, 'Is today Footloose??' Then proceeded to prance around the house singing, 'Footloose, footloose!' while the rest of us tried to bury our heads in our pillows and go back to sleep.

In the car on the way to nursery, she asked if she could wear a crown to the show tonight. And she wants to dress '80's'. Apparently in her mind, crowns are totally 80's.

So it's gonna be a good day. I'm exhausted already, but really looking forward to tonight. I'm totally buzzing.

Though admittedly, that might be just a side effect of the lack of sleep, runny nose, and the four cups of honeyed tea I've had already this morning.

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