Friday, September 10, 2010

Dancing Is Not a Crime

What a fantastic opening night! Last night was brilliant. I had so much fun with the show, and only made one tiny mistake in one of the dances. :D

Scott, my dad and Fifi came last night. Fifi LOVED it. Scott said she was mouthing along to all the words, until 'Holding Out for a Hero' started, at which point she BELTED it out. People three rows away were looking at her! By intermission, she was rolling her head and trying desperately to stay awake. (Ice cream at intermission helped, I believe.) She managed to stay awake until curtain call, at which point she passed out.

Oh, and she brought me flowers! How sweet is that. Thanks, Scott and Fifi.

I'll need to think to bring my camera tonight and get some photos backstage. But if you want to see photos of the performance, Inverclyde Now took some cracking ones.

My throat is still killing me. I woke this morning with no voice. Luckily hot tea and Manuka honey have helped bring it back. But I'm still trying not to talk much today to save it. Not only do I need to save my voice for the next two performances, but I have two auditions in just over a week for other shows and at the same time, my classes start, which of course, are singing classes. I really need a voice for that too. REALLY need it for that. How bad would that be if my first class was delivered with no singing voice?

Anyway, I'm having so much fun. Last night, a big group of people from the cast went out to a club, but I'm so glad I went home. Mostly because it was better for my voice going home and getting a good rest. But also I really enjoyed talking to Scott about the show. He really enjoyed it - and he's not a musical theatre person. It was fun talking to him about all his thoughts on the show and to hear him say he could pick out my voice from the chorus - and I was on key!

My dad seemed to enjoy the show too. Though (and I have to agree with him) he didn't think much of the Southern USA accents!!

So, two more performances. I'm incredibly excited. We're having lunch with others from the cast this afternoon, but I need to make sure I have time to make my chocolate no-bake cookies... Me and another cast member, Lee, are having a baking war. First night I brought chocolate chip cookies, but she outdid me last night with her brownies. I'm hoping I can regain some ground with my no-bake cookies, but honestly, I think her brownies have already won the war.

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  1. How awesome that Fiona sang along - you must be so proud! :D

    I really wish I could see you in a show. I'm so excited for you! Going to check out the pictures now...


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