Monday, November 09, 2009

Moving and Packing

I think it's time I update, lest everyone think that I'm still as worn to a frazzle (what a good phrase) as before.

I'm better. Ahem.

Still stressed though, as moving day creeps closer. Less than two weeks to go and the house is a bombsite.

I would like to be able to do nothing this week but pack, but I'm simply too busy, as usual. My schedule is as follows:

Monday - TinyTalk in morning, Fifi dance in afternoon
Tuesday - Antenatal Fayre (where I do a presentation to pregnant mums about our breastfeeding text service) in morning, Fifi dance in afternoon
Wednesday - FREE
Thursday - Toddlers in morning (yes, I could skip it, but Fifi and Lolly and I all love it too much), breastfeeding group in afternoon, unless I can pawn it off on someone else
Friday - TinyTalk in morning, Jewelry & Craft party in evening, with set-up in afternoon
Saturday - Cameron's Un-Birthday party, which I'm really teetering on skipping, but it's CAMERON, my lovely Sarah's son, I really can't bear to miss it

And then, it becomes the LAST WEEK.

Which simply MUST be cleared. So TinyTalk on Monday and Friday and THAT'S IT. Other than the moving on Friday, of course.

Anyone want to baby-sit over the next few days???

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