Thursday, October 29, 2009

If I Hear a Whiny 'MUMMY?!' One More Time...

I hope being a good mum isn't meant to be a constant state because right now I am so vacillating between good and crap. I've had two sick daughters for a week now (though I think they are over it now, fingers crossed) and being couped up in the house with them has driven us all to extraction. There were only two days of the sweet, wanting to sleep and cuddle all day period; since then, they've been in that crabbit, moany, grumpy phase which is making me want to hang them upside down from the clothesline.

Lolly's been especially trying. She WILL. NOT. be put down. She WILL. NOT. be held either. It's constant screaming and crying from her. The first few days, I was filled with sympathy and compassion; after that, I started going mental. If I put her down, she shrieks and comes crawling up my leg, biting me and wiping her snotty nose across my jeans. When I pick her up, she shrieks and fights to get back down. It's CONSTANT. I've used up so much petrol this week just driving them around, because the car is the only place Lolly will sleep.

Fifi's been a bit better, but she's harder on a different scale. She's just been whiny and pestery and ornery. But at least she can tell me what she wants, which has just been pretty much juice and medicine and DVDs.

But on the other hand, I've had some good times in the house with them. We've sat in the dark watching lots of movies on the couch, Fifi's head in my lap and Lolly nursing at my boob. We've done lots of crafts (we made a Christmas bank and a milk carton pig!) and lots of cooking (Big Cook Little Cook rocks my world). At those times, I think I'm doing a pretty good job with these little chicas.

We go away for the weekend tomorrow. I am so grateful. I need the break. Scott's parents are coming too, so the first evening will be child-free. I am so looking forward to it. Oh please don't let the sickness reappear before then!

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