Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Psalm 17:8 - Keep Me As the Apple of Your Eye

I've been so caught up in the drama of my personal life (don't ask) that I haven't had a real moment to let the really good news settle in. Last night, I finally got the chance to sit down, forget the other stuff and get excited.

Everyone, welcome our new niece, Juliette Amelia Apple McFarlane, into the world!

Scott's brother and sister-in-law Pete and Rebekkah gave birth to little Juliette on 14th August. Big sister Audrey is apparently very fond of her little sis.

So that's four girls in the family! A family that had been almost entirely boy for generations! (Scott's sister was the first girl in 60 years. Then Fifi, Audrey, Lolly and Juliette were born with n'ere a boy in sight.)

So congratulations, guys. We're so happy for you.

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