Monday, August 31, 2009

Mexican Fiesta

Okay, I know Fifi's birthday is five months away, but I've already started planning it. She is right into Dora the Explorer, so I've decided to give her a Mexican Fiesta birthday party.

I was online today and found a website selling Mexican (and Guatemalan) goods wholesale. There is some great stuff there, but minimum orders are $100, so if I go with it, I'll be getting EVERYTHING there. They've got loads of stuff to use as party favours, like mini sombreros, bamboo flutes, maracas, handbags, etc. And I'm going to make friendship bracelets. These kids are gonna have the awesomest party bags EVER. I'm also going to buy my girls Pueblo dresses and myself a Pueblo blouse and Scott a Baja shirt. He said he'd like a sombrero too.

Scott's going to cut a larg cactus out of ply board, and I'm going to paint it green and drill holes in it to stick green Christmas lights into. This will be for photo ops! I'm going to decorate the place with tissue paper flowers and coloured Christmas lights and Mexican blankets (I have only one, but my friend is married to a Mexican, so I'm banking on her having one or two). There will be a pinata. We will eat tacos and quesadillas. I'm going to make a tie-dye Dora cake. We will sing Feliz Cumpleanos instead of Happy Birthday.

I heart birthday parties.

Now, lest I forget my second-born, Lolly's birthday is the month before (only four months away?! WHAT?!), so for her party, I'm going to do a Carousel theme. How? I do not know yet. Perhaps I should be thinking more about her party. It'll probably end up being an old-fashioned American carnival thing, since I doubt I'll find many carousel-related items, but the reason I want this theme is a) I have carousel buttons which need to be put to use somehow and b) I want to make this carousel cake. Or something similar. I've got the instructions in a book, and it is too cute. However, I'll need to think up some more ideas on how to theme the party out.

As I said, I heart birthday parties. Sigh.

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