Saturday, December 06, 2008

Santa - Fly - Hat

I don't know where she picked all this up, but suddenly, Fifi is very interested in Santa. She was whining all morning about seeing Santa. She kept telling me, 'Santa. Fly. Hat.' How she knew he flies and wears a hat, I do not know. I've certainly never talked much about Santa. I don't believe in lying to children about these things, so Santa is just the name of a fictional character, not someone to truly believe in. She must've been talking to her friends at playgroup...

Anyway, she heard me on the phone with Scott's mum talking about taking her to The Haven's fundraiser this afternoon where Santa will arrive at 3.00. She then talked about Santa all morning until we left.

We got there, and she was all excitement. She kept asking where Santa was. Then we heard the 'bells' (he arrived on the Teen Challenge bus). She was so excited. She climbed the bus and pushed through the crowds to get to Santa. Then, as soon as she laid eyes on him, she did an immediate 180 and came running back to me in floods of tears. She did NOT like Santa one bit. She refused to let go of me. Santa handed her present to one of the elves, and Fifi accepted it, without giving Santa one more look. She couldn't get off the bus fast enough.



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