Friday, December 26, 2008

The Middle Child Gets It

It all makes so much sense now. The reason there are no pictures of the middle child (or second as the case may be) is not because the parents care less but simply that there aren't enough arms to go around!

We did a poor job of snapping photos of Christmas yesterday. For that, I apologise, Family In Arkansas. Scott did video Fifi opening her presents though, while I held Lolly. So that's something.

Here's a few we did manage to get. I don't know if Scott and I made it into any pictures, but if we all look tired, it's because we were. Fifi must've remembered me telling her the night before Christmas that the next morning was Christmas because she woke up (she's not even 2 remember!!) shouting 'PRESENTS! DADDY, UP!! WAKE!! SANTA! PRESENTS!'

Her favourite presents were her kitchen set (yay!), the bike from Gran and Grandpa and the teddy bear for Lolly. Yeah, it's Lolly's teddy bear, but Fifi has adopted it.

The best present I got? My mom's present from my dad; he's booked her a flight over for January! Mommy will be here in 3 weeks! Fifi will be happy to see her Mamaw again.

Christmas was over all a lot of fun this year. Kids make it better. They bring that joy and excitement back. Though due to the unexpected early wake up call, we did not get our chocolate gravy and biscuits, nor did I remember to read her the Real Christmas story. Maybe in retrospect... would it have the same affect?

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