Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lovely Mail Day

Isn't it exciting when you get real mail? And isn't it exciting when you've ordered something, and it finally arrives?

Today was a lovely mail day. Over the past couple of weeks I have ordered several items and have been impatiently awaiting their arrivals. They all arrived today!

First was the snowman die cut I won on eBay.

Cuttlebug die cut

Then the Moo cards I ordered for my business.

Moo Cards

And also my prints of Fifi for Christmas cards from Tesco.

Fifi for Christmas

What great fun! I also got a catalog and some vouchers from The Body Shop, but unfortunately I have had to add them to my boycott list, as they recently sold themselves out to Nestle, whom I wholeheartedly and faithfully boycott.


I'm a happy girl today!

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