Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting Work Done

With only one week to go before my holiday in America (!), I've had SO MANY THINGS to mark off my to-do list. The biggie was to finish my Lori Borealis website, which I have done, even if most of the pages just say 'Coming soon'. At least they aren't broken or missing links. And I still don't actually have it under the actual domain name, but that will come in time. (Somehow I ended up purchasing a domain WITH hosting but the hosting doesn't allow you to upload your own website...???)

I've also been tidying up my business plan, tying up some loose financial ends, finishing Christmas cards (which I may never do with all the other bother I've got) and completing Christmas presents for the American-side of the family. I pulled out all the gifts I've made so far today during Fifi's nap and was mightily disappointed by it's sparsity. It doesn't seem to matter that I started Christmas present crafting in July. I don't have all my gifts finished yet. So that's this week's agenda. Along with everything else I've mentioned, of course, and more.

Like blogging everyday. Aye right.

Anyway, if I didn't have any other obligations, like child-rearing and whatnot, these are the projects I'd be working on:

Bird handbag

Jacobean embroidery pattern

Teardrop shapes

I found them in an old, out-of-print embroidery book.

But alas, my other obligations far exceed my ablity to do things for myself.

Like read. Which, hey, by the way, I'm going to go do right now. In a bath. Screw ya'll for Christmas.

(Not really! You're gifts will be wrapped in love on Christmas morning!)

The End.

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