Friday, May 30, 2003

I am moderately annoying. Dammit.
You are moderately annoying!
Congratulations! There's hope for you, though
not much.

You are probably a nice person, but that doesn't
make up for all this. Yet.

PS - No one cares about your AP History class.

How Annoying Are You In Your Online Diary?
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Whatever. I don't care what you say, jerk. Pretentious rambling, here i come!

My brownies turned out fine, I know you were all really worried about that. On more important news, I've lost a document- I mean I simply don't know where it went! With papers I usually a) file them in one of the folders in the filing drawer at my desk b) file them in one of the "Entered Reports" files on my desk or c) file them standing straight up in my divider on my desk along with the phone books and binders and whatnot. This paper is in none of these places. I've looked everywhere- in arbitrary empty file folders scattered here in there, in case i just slipped it in one, i've looked in my supplies drawer, i've even gone through my recycle box. Nope. Can't find it. In the book I'm reading, Ursula in her old age blind lucidity discovers a helpful truth. Things get lost when they deter from the routine. If i had the book with me I'd quote it but the example is this. Fernanda (or was it Sophia?) lost her wedding ring. She was searching everywhere but what the blind Ursula understood was that Fernanda kept retracing her usual steps, following her unknown pattern. Ursula recognized that things get lost outside the usual pattern. One of the children had wet the bed so Fernanda had taken the mattress outside to clean. In doing so, she took her ring off and put it on a shelf so the kids couldn't reach it. Ursula was the only one who thought to look in the unusual spot and she found the wedding ring. Sooo the application here is this paper is not going to be in one of the three usual spots. Its going to be in the break room refridgerator or underneath the fax machine or pinned to the wall. But its not in any of those places either.

and THIS my friends, is why I am moderately annoying in my online journal.

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