Friday, May 23, 2003

So last night I was trying to write some poetry before Bible study. The best line I could come up with is "I've got a green orange tomato and a head full of soup." Let's just say I was uninspired. Here's the good news- it's FRIDAY! Yes, the last day of work before a long Memorial Day weekend. Heh, not that I have a damn thing to do this weekend. With Amanda and Ingrid gone for the summer, I don't even have anyone to sit around and be bored with. And as far as I can remember, all my friends that are still here are going to be gone this weekend too. Lots o'people are going to Riverfest to see James Brown and Joan Jett (sp?). I'm not cuz I'm po. So I guess I should take this weekend as an opportunity to spend some time alone, clear my mind, find my inner child-- what the hell, no way. It's a long weekend and I'm a full-timer now! I need to be celebrating! I need to be partying! I need to be having fun! Oh please oh please, I know like maybe one person in the entire world reads this- but if you're going to be in town this weekend, call me?

I've been feeling so emotionally/physically/spiritually drained this week. I have fair enough reasons for each. But it sucks. Yesterday I took two naps- one on my lunch break and one when I got home from work and that felt good. Got in bed by 11 or so. Bible study was pretty laid back. Ugh, except for when the boys pulled out water guns and saturated me. I was super pissed. :) kinda. Well, yeah I was pissed after they wouldn't stop. I had to go change clothes. And I was feeling cute. You know how bad that sucks, when you like what you're wearing, you feel comfortable, and you feel cute and people annihilate with water guns. I went upstairs and got my water gun which is always fully loaded and resting beside my bed in case of an emergency, took it downstairs with aim to get them back-- and the blasted thing wouldn't shoot! I guess its a good thing it was Andrew and Kraus and not a burglar or a rapist or something.

It's nearing the one month mark of leaving for Scotland and Wales. I leave July 1st- it is getting close! I gotta start saving money. Bleh.

to someone who kinda means a lot to me: "If your legs get tired I will be your chair. If you get a tangle I would comb your hair." -Sharkie

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