Friday, May 21, 2010

General Update (Since It's Been So Long)

Since I haven't been blogging in a long while, I'd do a quick overall update.

My lovely daughters are growing up so much. And the past few days have been really lovely with them. Fifi has started coming out with some of the funniest things. Just to name a few (for posterity):
* She asked me for some chocolate or something else that I wasn't going to give her, and she started counting to three at me!
* She's been listening to me practice for my audition for Footloose (see below) and without my realising it, learned the songs along with me. So imagine my face when she heard her baby sister crying one morning, and came running into the room, started gently rubbing her back and softly sang "Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?"

Lolly too is really growing up. She still calls everything 'shoes' but is signing a lot of words. It's really cute having a whole conversation with her using only words 'shoes' and 'dubbadee', whatever that means.

Yes, as I mentioned above, I auditioned for Footloose. I haven't done any acting since high school, but after going to see a few of the amateur shows locally, I decided I wanted to go for it again. So I auditioned. And I got a (tiny) part! I was honestly just hoping for anything at all, so I'm very happy with the part I got. So, show's in September; who's coming?!

Scott and I are going away for a night in Callander tomorrow, kid-free! It's gonna be awesome. We also won a free two-night stay in Tain at the Glenmorangie House. We don't know what we'll do with it, considering they never mentioned if meals were included or what not (not to mention we have two kids to think about), but it's still exciting to win something!

I also made a dress tonight. About two years ago at the Craft Fair at the SECC, I bought a couple of metres of some beautiful French fabric and had been holding onto it for ages to make something special out of it. So about a year ago, I cut out the pieces to a dress but was still too chicken to make it. Well, tonight, with my sewing machine still out from last night's project, I decided to go for it. I learned some hard lessons (like sometimes patterns don't make sense until it's too late, and don't use stretchy fabric if you don't know how to keep it from pulling). But overall, the dress looks okay, and I'll still wear it. After all, I really like the fabric!

The other thing worth mentioning is how clean my house is! It's a pure delight to walk into my house right now with how clean it is. The only room that needs work is the kitchen, which both Scott and I keep putting off. It's just the handwashing which is piling up, and I keep saying I'll do it after the kids are in bed... and then all I want to do is veg. And the floors need swept, but it sort of crushes my soul each time I sweep because have you seen the way kids eat? But all that will be done before we leave for Callander so I can come home to the most peaceful, tidy, happy home imaginable.


And eh, that's about it for now.

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