Saturday, August 23, 2008

1000 posts!

I just realised that 3 posts ago (including this one), I reached 1000 posts on here! Wow! What a lot of rubbish reading you people have been through (if indeed there is anyone at all who's been with me since the beginning... Amanda maybe.)

So just a few things today.

-First, Tesco does nursing bras now!! For a fiver each!

-Last night I had some crazy dreams. There was this really muffled up conspiracy theory dream where all the characters kept changing - the endangered person started out as Amanda, then turned into my 'ex-husband' (starting out as a guy I knew from school and turning into Dean from Gilmore Girls), then my ex-husband turned into the killer and Scott was my new boyfriend and this guy from church turned into the ex-husband, then the ex-husband turned into a rando called Thomas... NO IDEA. But it was a stressful, scary dream.

-We were supposed to go strawberry picking again yesterday, but after driving all the way there (about a 20 minute drive), we found it was closed because the family was at a wedding or something. Very disappointing. Must go this week before strawberry season ends.

-If the weather stays good today, Scott, Fifi and I are going on a hike. I hope Bump doesn't wear me out too much.

-In honour of my 1000th post, here's a copy/paste of part of my first ever Blogger post:

I had a girly-day on Saturday. One of those days where you just feel sad for no reason. When you're in your car and a good song comes on and you turn it up loud hoping it will make you feel good but instead you just burst into tears. Then you reach your destination and park, and you think the tears have subsided but as soon as you turn off the engine you burst into tears all over again. And you lay your head on the steering wheel hoping no one will park next to you and look at you, or hoping someone you know doesn't come outside and see you. I had that kind of night. I just felt very very sad. But it felt good to cry, man. I haven't cried in a while. So i think a good cry was in my system somewhere and needed to get out. So I'm glad i had a girly-cry-night. When I was finally done, I went over to Clunk's house. But then i was super-sensitive to everything anyone said to me- I almost cried like five times, over something Lincoln said, something Tony Tost said, something Tommy said, etc etc etc. And Clunk was my hero of the night because he noticed something was wrong and asked me if i was ok and whatnot, that i seemed timid and not myself. That's always nice, to be noticed just a little when you're feeling down.

Other than that, the weekend was great. I saw the Matrix with Shane, saw the Tickle on Friday, Ryan came home and emailed me (and i've missed him so much, which is totally dorky bec we're just new friends and he's only been gone a week- but i really miss talking about Jesus and John Calvin with him), AND, best of all, practiced with Sharkie on Sunday. :) I'm gonna be singing backup with them on May 31st- hahaha. It's gonna totally rock.

And now, for my big important Development Group meeting- I'm getting introduced as the new Report Writer.

Blast from the past! I miss Lincoln.

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