Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yesterday Was a Good Day

Clever title, yes? Lots of thought went into that one.

Yes, aside from the HORRENDOUS night Fifi gave us (put down to sleep at 7.30, cried incessantly until 10 and then woke us up at 5), yesterday was good. Lots of goodness in the day of yester.

It started out with a phone call from my midwife from Fifi's birth. Without going into all the details, we basically worked out a plan to be able to hire her again for this next birth! I can't believe how God has provided for us in this way. I've been feeling so stuck (between a rock and a hard place, as they say) concerning this birth; between trying to have a homebirth with the NHS or attempting a hospital birth with the NHS, both of which were going to be very scary and/or difficult situations, and really desperately wanting Allison again, whom we simply could not figure out how we could possibly afford. But as I said, Allison has unbelievably kindly worked out a deal with us, and God, of course, orchestrating all, and now, it looks like I really will get my homebirth!

After the phone call, I headed off to my TinyTalk class. It wasn't exceptionally busy or anything, but I had a great day. I handed out feedback forms and got some very positive feedback. Plus, the lesson plan for this week was just a lot of fun (weather signs and songs) and the kids and mums seemed to really enjoy it too.

After that, Andy and Marion (Scott's parents) treated me to lunch 'doon eh splash' (that means down the Esplanade), and who'd have thought a slice roll with spicy onions could be so good?!

Later that night, I picked Scott up from work, dropped him and Fifi off at the house, then drove to my wedding stationery appointment! A woman (who is, by the way, Scotland's Woman of the Year) is renewing her vows, and she's hired me to do her stationery. It was great discussing the invitations with her, and I'm so excited to get started. I ordered all the materials last night and will be getting started as soon as they all arrive. I'm really excited; her cards are going to look so good! (If I do say so myself...)

So yes, yesterday was a good day.

Today? Well, it started at 5am and already at 9 the floor is covered in Rice Krispies and toast, so we'll see about today.

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