Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cute Toddler Stories

Fifi's reaching that age where she does funny things and funny stories are being formed.

Yesterday I caught her eating the toothpaste. She was innocently holding the cap in one hand and sucking on the tube with the other. All while never turning her eyes away from Hairspray on the TV. Good thing kids are so resilient, huh?

Also (less funny) we've started potty 'training' (I prefer to think of it as late elimination communication), and while there have been a few successes (how she loved watching her poo flush down the toilet!), there have been more misses. She sits patiently on the toilet (she won't sit on plastic kiddie potties), and then gets off and pees on the floor. Charming child. I'll need to swap tips with my sister-in-law Rebekkah, who's potty training now too.

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