Sunday, January 27, 2008

For My Aunt

I have been petitioned by my aunt to blog a bit, so here are some updates:

Fifi is really and truly on the move. She walks a lot now, though her preferred mode of travel is still crawling. The idea occurs to her to walk when she is already on her feet, but she crawls to get from here to there if she is already down. It's really cute to watch. We've got a video; I'll put it up soon.

Fi's birthday is next week too. Party's all planned, and I made a trial run of the cake last night, as I was on dessert duty for a potluck at our good friends', Sarah and Ian's, house. I didn't take any pictures because the trial was so inferior to what the final outcome will be that I didn't want to ruin the moment when THE cake comes out. The real thing will need about three times as much icing as I used last night.

Speaking of that cake, I might go have a slice for breakfast.

We'll be heading off for church in a few hours. We're sort of skipping the morning service, as we're tired and Fifi's tired, and, well, we haven't practiced at all for the music for the later service which we are supposed to be leading. So when Scott gets out of bed, we'll need to work on that. Mostly we're just being lazy this morning... I'll confess it.

I found the cutest baby doll in Tesco yesterday. It was only £2 so I bought it and will give it to Fifi for her birthday. I might get one for her cousin Audrey too, though I'd probably pick a slightly different one... Elipses only kinda make sense if you've actually seen this doll. Which you might in pictures of her birthday.

On Thursday, Fi's birthday, Scott has the day off, so we're gonna celebrate. My idea is start opening presents at 10:42 (her moment of birth) and then at 12 head to FunWorld, where I'll need to run mine and Mhairu's breastfeeding support group, and Fifi will get to show Scott where all the cool kids hang out. I think Scott will enjoy playing with Fifi on his own there. It's a lot of fun, and Fifi loves it. Anyway, then that night we'll have a nice family dinner with the grandparents and Auntie Kate and Uncle Faisal. (Oh yeah, Kate, Faisal, wanna come to a family dinner on Thursday?)

And then of course, the party on Saturday! I can't wait! I love throwing parties. And having a child is just a license to theme, baby.

Ok, Aunt Phyllis, is this enough of an update? (*smile*)

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