Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Busy Busy

I apologise, as always, for the lack of updating. The reasons are partially enumerated below:

1. Fifi is crawling (as of just right now).
2. Fifi is pulling herself up onto furniture and trying to walk around it.
3. Fifi is standing unaided by herself (as of yesterday).
4. Fifi is bonking her head on everything (like just now, for instance, on the computer chair).
5. I am busy making all my Christmas presents.
6. I am busy making Devon's 25 Christmas cards.
7. I am busy making Jamie's 70 Thank You cards.
8. I am busy making various cards to sell individually.
9. I am busy making toys to sell individually.
10. I have become dedicated to keeping my house reasonably tidy at all times, which involves lots of time at the kitchen sink and pushing a hoover (to keep our new living room rug beautiful).

So there you have it. I'm too busy to blog. I'm a rotten blogger.

So, in lieu of blogging, have a look at Fifi's first shoe shopping experience!

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